Welcome to my Dream (album prewiev)

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Morning Flower (album preview)

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Sweet Chili (new album)

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Pop songs (album prewiev)

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Newest song, I Was There.mp3

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Name: Welcome to My Dream
Price: $15 US.
Number of songs: 23.
List of Songs.

Format :

Name: Morning Flower
Price: $8 US.
Number of songs: 10.
- List of Songs and album cover.


Sweet Chili. Price: $5 US dollar.

Songs: Includes 5 songs

Format :

Pop songs. Price: $2 US dollar.

Songs: Get You Back, Perfect Fairytale, The Party Goes On, Without You


Info about Joel.
He started making trance with FL Studio 5 when he was 11. He got a lot of early exposure with his music on youtube with songs like Melody from Heaven, The Sea and others. After that he continued to make a lot of dream trance songs which he uploaded for free on youtube and which you now also can buy here. He has also made some pop songs.
Location: Sweden, (Örebro län)
Birth date: 1993

Technical information about payment and delivery.
– You will get the files directly after payment, except if you use eCheck (which uses a bank account instead of a credit card).
- After the payment you will be taken to a download page, you will also get an automatic email to the same email address that your paypal account uses.
- The download links will work one week.
- If you want to download them again after one week then mail djcontaweb.com and say which songs/album you want and which email you used when you paid (the email of your paypal account).
Other information.
- Why does he have a website?
He got it for free by a guy who wanted to learn how to make websites.
- Why doesn’t he sell them on iTunes etc?
Those places will take a big part of the income like 30%, -on this site however almost everything goes to Contacreast which means that money from fans doesn’t get wasted on those services. Though that doesn’t mean he won’t sell on those places in the future anyway.

Payment options: Paypal, Credit-card or eCheck. (It’s called eCheck when you pay with paypal and use a bankaccount instead of a credit card as the source of money.)

Link to his youtube channel, and his facebook profile.
Link to the member portal on this website.

Mail adresses: DJ Contacreast: dj_conta@hotmail.com
Technical support: djcontaweb@gmail.com
Thanks to all who have bought his music!


175 Responses to “”

  • Hey, I want to know if the album “Welcome To My Dream” is available in a lossless audio format.

      • I purchased the album anyway because I wanted some songs so badly. Now there’s a new problem: The songs have bitrates from 128 to 320 kbps. Why don’t they all have 320 kbps? To be honest, I feel pulled over the barrel.I paid much money for an album and expected high quality files. It’s almost no problem that there’s no lossless available but my ears bleed when listening to 128 kbps.

        • Part of the problem is that some of the older FL Studio files were deleted and he therfore only had the exported files left which had mixed quality.

          • I see…. In this case, a notice would be nice before purchasing. And, but that’s just my opinion – I’d lower the price. I pay about the same price for a CD and get lossless, so…I’m sorry to bother you, but it just disturbs me as an audiophile. :/

  • I found about your music a few months ago. You produce very good melodic trance and other styles of music. I have a question for you. What is your strategy for making basslines?

  • i lov ur music so much. do u like anime?

  • I’m so picky when it comes to trance, DJ Contacreast music definitely got into me , exactly my taste. I just purchased all the CD’s (one unfortunately not available , sold out) emailed you guys about it, I need more info about the sold out CD, I don’t want to miss any of your music and waiting for more to come. Happy 2014, since I’m the first to comment on 2014 :) ) All the best

  • Your music is amazing. When I feel overwhelmed by life your music brings relief. I know this is true for thousands of others. Continue what you are doing. You have a gift. Its not easy getting thru this life, and its even harder to make someone forget about their woes. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  • i bought the Pop album yey <3

  • Great Job Contacreast! I hope all is well with your girlfriend! :D she must know she is dating a legendary DJ. if she doesn’t. TELL HER! lol, i am so happy for you dude! :D keep up the great work. i have yet to buy an album but i will eventually!

  • Dear Dj Contacreast,
    I’ve been suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts, Mild panic attacks, Anger problems, eating disorder (I feel like I don’t want to eat at all, even though I need too), anorexia, and to make it all worse I have diabetes. Having a eating disorder and diabetes is not a good combo. If I don’t eat I could die. My family is divorced, which doesn’t make life any easier. So my dad has been mentally abusing (verbally) me ever since I was born, and he occasionally physically abuses me too. I get therapy, but it doesn’t help. But do you know what is my therapy? Your music :) it always lightens my spirits and takes me where all my pain doesn’t seem to affect me. I write poetry, which helps me (if it wasn’t for poetry, I would be probably be dead). My life has been better with your music, but I still struggle, but it’s easier. I thank you with all my heart. Keep making more music, your amazing at it.

    One of your greatest fans- Kitty <3

    • Wow! I went through a really tough time, too. My dad for years had been psychologically/verbally and sometimes physically abusing me and everyone in my family. It wasn’t until it got really bad that we realized what was going on. For awhile I trusted God, and He taught me a lot. But then when things got really tough, I trusted in myself. That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made (and unfortunately, struggle/continue to make sometimes). I fell immediately into depression, I messed up pretty much every chance that I had at school and everything else. Whenever I really hit rock-bottom (as if I wasn’t there already) would go back to God, but then I would go back and trust in myself, and sink deeper into the hole I’d already dug for myself. I struggled with a lot of issues. Throughout, however, God was always there for me, even when I turned my back on Him and blamed Him for my problems, even though I would still go back to trusting in myself rather than Him who is love and truth and light. Finally I began to open up to Him more and more. Then one day, not too long ago, I just broke down and told God all my troubles, all my problems, all my hopes and dreams and everything I felt and thought. I just completely opened up- and He has changed me! I mean, the sinful part of me. Who I am is still who I am, but it’s not hidden anymore, it’s illuminated by the Holy Spirit. I’ve found peace like I’ve never known! Love like I’ve never known! Joy like I’ve never known! God’s got a lot more to teach me, but I’m free. I’m free from so many things that used to hold me back and occupy my mind. I’m free from the darkness that I was in. I’m free from feeling like I can only trust in myself. I’m free from finding comfort only in earthly things, because I have a deeper and transcending peace in God. Kitty, will you consider that God may exist? At least be open to the idea? Could you open a Bible and begin reading? It’s God’s truth. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like when I read the Bible with an open mind, God just comes in and speaks to me! He would for you as well. Here:http://www.biblegateway.com/ its an online Bible. You can even click “Audio” and just listen to a chapter or a few verses or whatever you want.
      If you ever want to talk to me, I’m always open and my email is hannahbananah412@gmail.com

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for supporting contacreast! :D

  • Received the Morning Flower album. Thank you, it arrived sooner than I thought. You must’ve sent it out right after receiving the order.

  • I miss your dreamtrance Joel, kom igen har du några fler låter på gång? :)

  • I Am FED UP With This Guy. I Was Buying A CD For A Friend For Christmas And I Decided To Just Have It Shipped To Him. Today Is January 11, 2013 And Neither Me Nor My Friend Has Gotten The Damn CD Which I Ordered In NOVEMBER! And Contacreast Hasn’t Respond to My E-mails. I Am Angry And Just Thought I’d Say Something.

  • Hello Mike,

    Just wondering which is the superior format of WAV and 320kbps MP3 on this website. I understand that lossless WAV is better, but I also recall that WAV is only as lossless as the origional format quality prior to conversion. Clearing this up would be great for all of us here, as I am sure others may have wondered too. Thanks.

    • Hello, you are right that Wav is lossless and has better quality. Regarding the original format, they come directly from Fl Studio so that’s not an issue.

      So what should people choose? The simple answer is: Just to go with 320kbps MP3.

      The more complicated answer is that you can go for Wav if you want to make a CD and/or convert it to other format. For example if you want to burn a CD, convert the files to Flac and Aac (or some other audio format) it’s more appropriate to choose Wav since you won’t get any unnecessary sound degradation in the converted files and Wav is the format you use when you burn CD’s.

      The good thing about Mp3 is that they take up much less space and is compatible with every Mp3 player and modern phone and you will probably have to be an audiophile to hear any difference between Mp3 and Wav anyway. And if you in the future decide to burn a CD, most burning software will convert the Mp3′s to Wav for you.

  • Hey, I was wondering after purchase if I could use the music in videos without having to worry about copy right problems? I’ll give credit when due and its not a problem. I hope you will be alright with it!

  • SO EXCITED TO GET MY MORNING FLOWER CD! It has two of my favorite songs on it :D Also can’t wait to hear the first two songs in the preview! Even just the little bit that’s here on the site makes me excited. Is it true DJ Contacreast signs it? If so can he personalize it? I’d like something special on mine :D Let me know, please!

  • Hello together,

    ,,waiting for paradise´´ is absolutly fabolous.I interessted myself what DJ Conta think if he create a song. Have someone an answer for me?Maybe Mr. Admin?
    You know, THIS music is better then all other music. I know DJ Conta hear this every day, 20 times.But let´s early,is that all what we do ONLY listen that music? NO. Everybody that listen that music has a vision.What´s happening if we was in Paradise?! This is the only question,and i´m sure DJ Conta knows the answer. I asking myself: What is happening with this young man,that he create so a fantastic music???
    DJ Conta if you read this,I have a vision too,but no programms to create this music. I think your music is coming deep from your heart and deep from your soul. And YOU have my greatest ,,ReZpEcT´´.Please go on,you are fantastic.
    Good work,Good work.

    • I think he gets inspiration from nature, friends and christianity, but Joel could probably answer that question better himself though.

    • Thank you very much for all the nice compliments!

      Mike (admin) answered your question correctly. My inspiration comes mainly from God, nature, friends, and sentimental experiences.

  • Hi! I’m wondering if I’m able to purchase the physical CD for the album “Welcome to My Dream”?

  • dude… god bless… insane awesomeness

  • Could you give those who already bought songs from the new album a discount? I really want to buy the album, but I bought 5 songs and I don’t want to have to pay for them again.

  • Hi DJ Contacreast,

    I love the preview of the pop songs. Do I get all 4 for $2? Also, how long are each song? Thanks!


  • I’m trying to download this album straight off my iPhone is that possible?

  • This may sound Like a stupid question but I want to buy all the albums, this is the highest quality possible right? and is there any shipping charge when shipping to Australia?

    • The downloadable Wav version and the physical CD should theoretically have slightly better quality than the Mp3 version, but I think most people can’t hear a difference and the Wav version is much larger and can’t be played on all Mp3 players.
      The shipping is free for all albums wherever you live.

  • So, I downloaded the songs and put them into my Itunes library. I really hate when I have songs without album covers, and I’m unable to edit these songs and change the album cover. Any way to fix that?

  • Am I able to put the songs onto my iPod? If so, how?

  • listened to your collage application songs and “get you back” i would love to see those available for purchase :) you are truly gifted Conta. keep up your great work and never lose the feeling your songs have in them. signed Lindale

  • Love your music, and I love when you make new stuff. Keep up he work and God bless. Btw, wheres devine adventure, Id love to buy it.

  • god bless you and gives you more songs on your heart to write. i have never bought any cd before in all my 23 years and this is my first one. these songs take me to a place that i have never been to before. thank you

  • Hello @ all.

    I´m from Germany and i love this Music.
    I hope this music live forever.

  • Will there ever be coverart for the album? I only put stuff with coverart on my collection, so I would love it there was coverart for the album.

    Also, I really enjoy the music that DJ Contacreast makes! It is great stuff!

  • Sweet…it has been years..but I finally found it. Good luck mAkIng DiSs sTuFf its great!!

  • FASEN vilka grymma låtar du skapar!!

    $15 for this album is like paying $1 to go to a rock concert. I would easily pay $150 for it.

    The first time I heard “The Sea” on youtube my mouth just dropped. I couldn’t believe a human being could create something so beautiful.

    I never bought something online as fast as this album, lol.

  • Your work is amazing! I listen to “Happy Fantasy” every single day and “The Sea” and “Melody From Heaven” at least once a week! I just started making my own songs in FL Studio. It’s really fun, but hard. Now I appreciate how much work you put into your songs. May Jesus bless you! When does your new album come out? Also why don’t you make your stuff available on iTunes?

  • Can you buy the album in shops like HMV???

  • Is it at all possible to get the album somehow right now? Can I send money to another paypal address?

  • Dude, please come to Australia and do some kind of live show, you are amazing and i would love to meet you!

  • Wow! A whole site dedicated only to my fav DJ of all time and his music! <3 If I had a credit card, I'd sooo buy the CD.

    Hey, I wanted to ask, does the album have some kind of special envelope? I'd really love to see how it looks! ^_^

    • It hasn’t any envelope, unfortunately.

      You don’t need a credit card, you can actually connect your bank account directly to paypal, it called eCheck.

  • As soon as the technical difficulties are over, I am buying your album. Is there only the one available?

    My first experience with Trance was listening to your song “Melody From Heaven”. I’ve never found a better Trance composer. You are a true master. I’m not easily moved, but some moments in your songs bring me close to tears or the height of euphoria. Your music belongs in its own class, safe from the stigmas that sometimes affect electronic music. What can I say but that my purchase will be a long overdue “thank you”.

  • Hey Joel My Name Is Paul And your Music is very Inspiring It sounds like it really is from Heaven or Angelic in a sort of way. I heard that you were a Christian which is great so am I by his Grace its great that you make music to glorify Jesus Christ. I would like to hear of your testimony someday of how you gave your life to Christ and repented from your sins and turned to him by faith alone you can email me at Kingpv5@roadrunner.com if you ever have time.

  • Hey, I’m just wondering if the album is a one off download. What if i lost the song, or my harddrive just died.. does that mean i have to buy it again?

    • I think it wouldnt be a great idea to download a song, why I say so is because if you look up in the white box it says “It’s not possible to buy songs at the moment due to technical issues.”


    • If you want to download a song or album again you can mail djcontaweb@gmail.com and I will send you a new link. Every link does only work one week but you can get as many as you which, just ask.

      Btw, Dj Conta is working on the paypal problem.

  • Dear DJ Conta,
    Your music has changed my life. My parents are divorced, I have been sad,scared,quiet,and mostly no happiness. Until I heard your music my sadness and every thing else has been gone. When I hear your music it takes me to a world where all my bad feelings do not exist, only where happiness thrives.
    God has blessed you with a gift that everyone loves.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Is there a reason I can’t buy the album, Paypal says recipient can’t receive money right now… I really wanted to get DJ Conta’s music after listening to it on Youtube for a year or so.

  • Is there somewhere I can purchase previous albums?

  • Bought this album after hearing one song. Worth every penny. You just became my new favorite trance artist.

  • Just bought the album :D

  • Wooooooooo! I just bought 13 songs from my favorite writer! This is deffinetly a happy new start for me ;)

  • DJ Contacreast, there are only a few people I respect in this world. You are one of those few. This planet is a madhouse, but with your brilliant music, to me it feels like each of your synthesized masterpieces have the power to turn it into one of an array of different fantasties; fantasies where I can fly, where I can rest on a vibrant blue cloud and watch the stars orbit around mystical towers and pyramids. I know deep down that some of the happiest, most memorable moments of my life were a number of the dreams I’ve had all throughout my years, and now, it’s almost like I can dream just by pumping up the volume and letting the beats of your incredible trance music take me to my own worlds.

    Thank you for being one of the few great people who strive to put good things into this world, casting a positive light on those searching for happiness, a light that outshines the negative feelings and emotions caused by the evil and the lies that taint the lives of everyone else and disgrace our species.

    You are an inspiration to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for increasing my hope in humanity…with the power of fantasy! ♥

  • DJ Contacreast all the frikin way! I listen to his music all day every day! I hope he’s rolling in doe. He deserves every penny of it.

  • Decided to support an artist I’ve listened to and enjoyed for a while now, so I purchased a song. Keep them coming.

  • TV personality and music producer Simon Cowell is launching a new talent competition to find the world’s best DJs.
    Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/25/us-simoncowell-dj-idUSTRE80O1SN20120125

    You got this! :D

  • Hey may i ask what VST’s you use most? :3

  • Hi, what is the bit rate for the song, “Journey to Heaven”?

    Thanks in advance

  • Awesome music, but their is a random floating “q” next to the add to cart button for the new song

  • I’m leaving a message here because I don’t have Facebook. I’m a massive fan of yours, DJ Contacreast! I wish you a fantastic year of music making and successes – Happy New Year! ^^

    Greetings from Australia.

  • Seriously bro, you are one hell of a DJ and song composer! I love your tunes man they are fantastic.

  • How old is DJ Contacreast?


  • Is DJ Conta rich now?

  • cant we have a discount for the songs???

    • I’m personally a bit sceptical to discounts because:
      - People who bought at a higher price might not be so happy when the prices suddenly are lowered.
      - If people predict that it’s going to be a discount soon they might not want to buy now.

  • Love the music! Thank you so much! I’m glad I can also help support you! Looking forward to more! XD <3<3<3

  • Hello,
    I have bought the album and some songs, but I can’t download the songs.
    What can I do?

    • If the songs plays in the web browser instead of being downloaded you can right click the links (cmd + left-click on mac), then click on “save target/link as” or “save linked file as” or something similar.
      Many web browsers is configured to play sound files rather than to download them.

  • Aaaagh! I wish I had a spare $15 right now!

    I guess for now I’ll have to make do with YouTube rips, but I guarantee that as soon as I get $15, I’ll be putting it here. :)

  • Hey DJ Contacreast, u make great music! :D

  • You make amazing music. I’m going to buy this just to support you, I’ve been listening for years. You inspired me to learn how to create music of my own, and I’ve never looked back. Thank you for all you’ve done, and I hope more music comes out of you.

  • DJ Contacreast!
    OMG, I enjoy your music sooooo much. I found you on UltimateReaper2 first, and have listened to your music for 2 years constantly!, Thanks so much for putting it up for purchase, Glad to support your awsome music!

  • Wow. This is the best album i’ve ever bought in all my life. Your musics are so good, i can’t stop listening to it!


    P.S: whats the music name at 3:46 of the album preview?

  • Thanks for all support, I appreciate it alot! =’)

  • What about the extra page?
    Where can i find some wallpapers of dj contacreast ;D
    I have already given joel the wallpapers i made :P

  • I just discovered that it’s possible to connect your paypal account to your bank-account. That means that you don’t need credit card to pay.

  • love all these songs they are awesome!

  • Is DJ Contacreast interested in having his music published on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, eMusic etc? I will do this for free if he want to.

  • Have you considered doing any live shows? Even just a live feed of you making music at your house? I think it would be super awesome!
    Edit: will you be selling “Get you back”?

  • Usually im only Listening to Folk/Pagan and Melodic Death Metal, but ur songs are so awesome and melodic, that i couldn’t resist. Keep the great work up man! Theres just a little Problem, i bought the Album and downloaded an 124mb data that i cant upon. When the download started it said its for WinRaR, but now i have a 124mb data i cant open with any programm, and i didnt received and email with the downloadlink… so what now??
    Edit: My Winamp can play a 85minute File(lol) where the songs are jumping every few seconds, kinda extreme spikes.

  • I bought the album and journey to heaven but none of the links worked :(

    • I will send you new links. Maybe the links had expired.
      (I have changed the settings now so that the links expire after one week instead of one day, If someone want a new download link after that time just ask.)

  • Hello, I am a graphics Designer from the US. I would love and be honored to make a cover for your album.
    Here is a sample of my work:

    Also, please put this on iTunes
    here is a link: http://www.cdbaby.com

    • You seem to be good at blender. Maybe you could make a cool 3d model of something that we can incorporate in an album picture or something else.

      • Sure thing, all I would like to require is that I can use it in my profile. I’m currently just looking to expand it by doing different jobs. Contact me at the email address I will email you if you want to discuss this further.
        Also, great music: I forgot to mention that in the first comment. I love he melody from heaven. Amazing all you use is FL studio.

  • Can’t find you on itunes -_-

  • Hi, I’m French I love your compositions, I have in mind to offer something in the near future … In the meantime good luck and see you soon: p

  • Hey I bought this album a couple weeks ago and for some reason my entire album is now corrupted. It randomly skips throughout the songs, and its getting kinda annoying. I truely love this album and I would like to replace the old copy. Where or how can I do this?

  • i just brought the album and i am looking for a high Quality cover for it

  • Hey Joel How’s Going? hope good..Im gonna buy your album once that i have credits in my credit card lol.. xd Thanks man for sharing this ! and keep doing it .. i’m very proud of u..! :D

    regards.. :)


  • 160 kbps? Come on. Sell them better than that.

  • hi I’m gyc6001 from youtube.
    Here I wanna give you a short story on how I know you.
    Few years ago (I guess was 2008), my friend gave me some techno songs, including bass is kicking, darude sandstorm, and of course, your Melody From Heaven.
    At first I listened to them, I was in dwell of DJ Splash’s songs, not so of yours.
    but, I didn’t know how I got into youtube, searched some of your songs, and listened to them.
    Honest to tell, at first,I didn’t enjoy much of your music (for your earlier songs), until last year you’ve released Gates of Freedom, ..Dream…(forgot the name==), then somehow I only got the hang of it.
    It is this year that I truly enjoy your music,
    and is this year that your new tracks has inspired me to make my own trance music!

    I wanna say Thank You for your songs, they are truly amazing, from the melodies to the chord progressions, almost everything is made into perfection.

    Keep up the good work and good luck!
    Best Regards,

  • I just order purchased your album. Its nice to support people’s work. :)

    Anyways keep it up.

  • Very nice! Have been hoping for this. Congratulations.

  • It is very nice to finally see that you are selling your songs, even though I already have all your songs downloaded, I am more than willing to buy the album in order to support you. I hope this gets you attention so that you can get signed and that you can keep making more of your beautiful music! Congrats and good luck!

  • Just found you today on you tube and picked up your CD, can’t wait to pick up your next one :) Bonne Chance et Merci.

  • Hi Dj Conta,

    I Sry to say i not here to buy your music although i hav listened to alot of it on youtube :D Very gd i must say! Put’s a smile on my face when i listen to it! My mate introduced it to me :D
    Anyway i here to save u, U r postin your music on youtube and tryin to sell them aswell!
    Now if u want to sell your music then i suggest u stop postin them on youtube unless u only post a section of your music on there as postin the full tune people can happily get the music straight frm your video clip’s!
    If u r a bit confused @ wat i am goin on bout then pls contact me and i will enlighten u alot more!
    Here to help :D Jay

  • I just bought the Album and I’m very glad I could support you! =)

  • Bittersweet seeing your songs for sale, but as long as you don’t lose the spirit each has then I’m happy:)

    I have 2 quick questions:
    Is the bitrate 320CBR, 320VBR or something else?
    And is your entire backlog available now/will it be in the future?

    • They are in CBR. What do you mean by backlog?
      Here is a list of all bitrates:

      I don’t think he cares to much about money . He didn’t even ask me to make this website. I think money can be an extra source of motivation sometimes.

  • I have bought the album and I love your music! Sadly ‘tho, I feel different when I listen to your music now, I don’t get that same wonderful feel anymore, it seems more dull and “corporate”. It just doesn’t make me as happy as it used to.

    • I wrote an idea to Conta a while ago, I’ll quote it here:

      “In my humble opinion… I’ve seen how many people want [to buy] your music, and I may agree with them. But…. I love the fact that you’re composing your music for fun, and I think you should continue, without the influence of profit. Then again… you could benefit the world in a second way (the first being your music) by giving profits to charity…”

      Now that he is selling albums, he should go for this charity idea. Maybe he could even start his own foundation at some point? Become kind of the Bono of techno/trance?


  • Conta! Well done! Did you design the site? I do some graphic design, so if you ever need help with art… :D Can’t wait for your next song/album!

  • Good to see the music is available for download here!

  • Finally! A chance to put your songs on my ipod!

  • English version : http://goo.gl/qbgqv

    Salut Joel ! Ravis de voir que tu as enfin ton site web !
    C’est une excellente nouvelle !
    Je te souhaite de réussir ta promo.

    N’oublie pas, si tu as besoin d’aide pour ton site je suis là.
    Je t’es également fait un logo à l’époque, n’hésite pas à l’utiliser.

    Ton amis,
    Florent (http://www.heuzef.com)

  • Nice music! Just bought it :D

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